About us

About us

Hashem Interiors is a full-service Design/Build firm Established in Damascus-Syria in 2005 and now based in Windsor, Ontario.

Since 2005 we are providing interior design along with the execution services. in addition to the projects management services of residential and commercial for both new build & remodeling projects.

We focus on creating stylistically individual, one of a kind, highly detailed, finely crafted, uniquely balanced projects.

With over 14 years of professional practice, we have completed numerous projects including Private residences, Houses, Mansions, Boutiques, Restaurants, Clubs, Arcades, and Lobbies. In locations ranging from Damascus-Syria, Dubai-UAE, and now in Windsor-Ontario.

One of the most added values for “Hashem Interiors” projects is that all the design services including concept and detailed design, BOQ & specs. are being conducted under one roof through a professional holistic design process.